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About the Centre For Ageing Better

On 11 February 2013 the Big Lottery Fund’s (the Fund) England Committee approved the investment of up to £50M for the Centre for Ageing Better.

The Fund’s intention is that this innovative new Centre will:

  • be a world-leading hub with a remit to identify, apply and promote evidence of what makes for a better quality of life in older age;
  • aim to empower current and future generations of older people to stay active, healthier and happier for longer;
  • actively engage older people in the shaping of its work and work openly and actively with a very wide range of other stakeholders;
  • be entirely independent of the Fund and of Government, and will form part of the network of What Works centres.

This initiative presents a unique opportunity to help make a step improvement in the lives of older people.

At December 2013 the Centre existed in name only. However, there has already been considerable progress:

  • Lord Filkin has been confirmed as Chair (See the Fund’s press release) and the seven non-executive Directors* have been appointed and are in post (See Board biographies);
  • A development grant has been awarded by the Fund to establish an office, appoint temporary staff and develop the business case;
  • An Interim Director and small development team is in place and is being hosted at NESTA’s offices;
  • Work is underway to engage with a range of organisations with an interest and expertise in ageing in reviewing the need for evidence and commenting on early propositions regarding the potential role and priorities for the Centre;
  • A consultation paper has been developed which shares the Board’s early thinking about the future role of the Centre and potential areas for investment and has been circulated to over 150 organisations with interest, expertise and influence in improving later life (See Consultation Paper);
  • Our first research review on how older people define well being has been completed with support from Age UK’s Head of Research and has been circulated to relevant organisations for information and any additional evidence to be considered for inclusion;
  • Work is in progress to develop the infrastructure, management and governance systems and processes needed to support the development phase of the project and establish the charitable trust.

The business case will be the basis of our application to the Fund in July 2014 for approval and release of the endowment. If all goes well, this will be awarded in September 2014.

*Hereafter referred to as ‘Directors’