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Centre for Ageing Better

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About the Centre For Ageing Better

The Centre for Ageing Better aims to help many more people have a better later life by identifying evidence of what works and by encouraging change in line with this evidence. We are a charitable foundation, entirely independent from government and from business interests, with an anticipated lifespan of ten years. We are part of the network of What Works Centres. In early 2015, we expect to be awarded £50m by the Big Lottery Fund to help finance our work.

We want to make change happen in order to improve later life – especially for those older people who are currently missing out on the benefits of a longer life. We will do this by selecting a limited number of topics that really matter to people and then working on those topics persistently, through:

  • Commissioning studies that harness and strengthen the evidence base around ageing;
  • Funding projects that support better ageing – including innovative projects that require seed funding, and proven projects that require support to operate at greater scale;
  • Working with individuals and organisations to help bring about evidence-based change;
  • Sharing insights from our work, through published reports and other means of communication. 

The Centre recognises that effective partnerships are fundamental for bringing about change, and we will seek to build committed partnerships across all our activities. 

By the end of our ten years, we intend that:

  • More people will know how to plan and prepare for a better later life - and more will do so.
  • More organisations will know what works to support individuals and society to enjoy better later lives – and more of them will act on this evidence.
  • The broader conversation around an ageing society will have evolved - so that, as a country, England becomes more ready to celebrate longer later life and to see the benefits arising from greater numbers of older people.

Read an extended summary of the Centre’s business plan submitted in its bid to the Big Lottery Fund here.