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About the Centre For Ageing Better

People are living longer lives and this offers opportunities for each of us and for society. A quarter of babies born in 2012 will live to see their 100th birthday. Our collective challenge is to make sure these extra years are lived well. 

People define ageing well as:

‘Feeling healthy and free of pain; being happy, contented, satisfied, fulfilled; a loving life; having peace of mind, comfort, enjoyment, self-worth, self-confidence, safety, dignity and security; having a sense of belonging; being needed and having a sense of achievement.’

But if you are born poor you may have over a decade less disability free life than if you are rich.  Our mission is to make ageing well a reality for the many and not just the lucky few.

The Big Lottery Fund has previously announced its intention to fund up to £50 million in the Centre for Ageing Better. We will invest this in projects that help identify the practical changes needed to ensure we age better and how charities, state providers and businesses can help us. We will build an evidence base of what works, and crucially what doesn’t, and we will focus on the changes needed as individuals and families, as organisations and as a society.